The Woman’s Relief Corps “medal” or badge has been the same design for over a hundred years.  Members wear a Maltese Cross attached to a bar pin with a red, white and blue grosgrain ribbon.  Officers wear the same medal suspended from a bar with the office title engraved upon it.  The ribbon on office-holder’s medal is a light blue color. 


 The center holds the American Flag, and is encircled in a wreath of stars, depicting five outstanding figures:

Goddess of Liberty

The Soldier symbolizes fraternity.  This is a key element for understanding why a women’s organization uses the term “fraternity” in most salutations.  Because the WRC was formed at the direction and behest of the Comrades or soldiers who were members of the GAR, and was created as the auxiliary and a support of it, the organization has always taken care to be respectful of the founders. GAR members created or formed the organization as their Auxiliary in 1883.

The Boy is emblematic of loyalty, as a son to his father.  We remain loyal to our Country and to the memory of those who fought to preserve the Union.  We strive to remain loyal to our Nation and our flag and yet look with hope toward the future.   

The Woman represents motherhood, giving, mercy, kindness and charity.  Charity is one of the key symbols of the WRC.  Charity – or true love of one another is the greatest of virtues.  We do good works and perform acts of kindness, mercy, and charity so we may humble ourselves and understand the sacrifices of others. 

The Child symbolizes our mission to inculcate patriotism, hope for our nation, loyalty to strong ideals and respect of freedom and justice for all. 

The Bar pin holding the red white and blue ribbon is engraved with the F C L initials as a reminder of our motto:

Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty