Click on this – Application –  for membership.  It will download to your computer.  Complete the membership, print and sign in the presence of a Notary.  You may submit it to the National President or to a local Corps.  Contact us for proper address for National President or to locate a Corps near you.  Dues for members-at-large are currently $15.00 annually.  You will receive four “General Orders” mailed at intervals in the year.  For additional fees you can purchase a pin/badge and a full copy of the Rules and Regulations/Constitution.

If you have a group of at least eight persons, and there is no local Corps already established, be sure to have each person submit an application and indicate your desire to establish your own Corps.  Each local Corps should establish their own leadership including President, Treasurer, Secretary, Patriotic Instructor, and Chaplain.  The National President will preside over the installation of new Corps and members.

The National Woman’s Relief Corps holds annual Conventions in various locales during which Officers, Executive Board Members, and Delegates meet to discuss pertinent issues of the NWRC.   This event is characterized by traditional procedures and rituals.  Some conventions are held coincidentally in the same city and venue as other Allied Orders’.