National President

Michelle Colburn

President Colburn was born and raised in rural central Nebraska.  The small town of Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska, is where she resides today.  Her love of the country life influenced her to pursue a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree.  To fund  Graduate studies in Veterinary School, she took a position working with disabled individuals, and soon discovered her calling.  She completed a Master of Education in Special Education Mild/Moderate K-12.  To accommodate the duties of WRC Presidency, Michelle maintains a position as substitute teacher in several of the school districts in her area.

“It’s given me a deep sense of fulfillment and I absolutely LOVE every minute of it.  The opportunity to work with students of all ages and abilities has taught me much, and kept me focused on what is truly important in life.” says President Colburn,  “Though I think my job is great, most of all I’ve found my joy and reason in life is that of being Mom to three amazing children.”

President Colburn’s eldest daughter, Jessica, has a Masters of Occupational Therapy and is working in the Anne Carlson Center in Jamestown ND.  Her work with the disabled is truly an inspiration, and she lives every day with the words of Dr. Anne Carlson as her guide:

“This is the most important for everyone to know:  We must educate people to see the similarities, not the differences—and to see the person, not the disability.”

President Colburn’s middle child, a daughter named Cassandra, is attending college and works at Good Samaritan Hospital as a dietary aid.  “I’m inspired by her maturity and focus upon her career path.  She’s become a woman with much compassion.” comments President Colburn.

Michelle’s third child, a son named Ethan, is an 8th grader in middle school.  He really loves school, the outdoors and Pokémon!  He’s a bit of a history buff, and frequently accompanies her to many WRC events.  “I feel very well-cared for, as Ethan is the self-proclaimed “Protector of the National President and all the ladies that travel with her.”  Recently, he has become the unofficial official photographer providing documentation of the events.

“I feel I’ve been granted a wonderful opportunity for making a difference.  I’ve met many amazing women who’ve provided guidance and inspiration.  Because of them I’m encouraged to work to strengthen, grow and preserve the Woman’s Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic.”

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