Woman’s Relief Corps


The National Woman’s Relief Corps (WRC) is an active organization, chartered July 25 and 26, 1883 as auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, Inc (GAR).  It is a patriotic organization that received Congressional recognition on September 7, 1962 as incorporated, and maintaining a 501c3 charity identification.

A primary goal is to provide perpetually, curation and preservation of research, documents and records that pertain to the GAR as well as the WRC.  The WRC also strives to perpetuate the memory of those who sacrificed much and sometimes all in the Great War of the Rebellion (The American Civil War).   It also believes a basic tenet is to provide assistance to veterans of all wars and extend needed aid to the widow(er)s and orphans of those that gave their life for freedom.

We believe it is our duty to cherish and emulate all those who rendered loving service to our country.  We strive to inculcate lessons of patriotism and love of our country among the children and in our communities, and encourage the spread of universal liberty and equal rights of everyone.


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